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How to Make Turkish Pottery / Turkish Ceramic / Factory Tour to Cappadocia, Turkey

How to make Turkish Pottery, How to Design Turkish Ceramics, Factory Tour to Turkey
Turkish Pottery
My experience with this is like 70 years old. We already have sweet use experience for this part in the families to the talented child for how to make pottery or learn how to draw the designs of paintings and this calendar once you learn English I can't make pottery but that is that's why I told its production. He is going to make one of this for us it has little risk while doing the demonstration because this is the most typical chain because of this circle it's hollow they tried a few times to make the perfect circle but I will pray for him. I am sure he is going to do that actually has enough experience for this firstly he will make this spout part and then he will come to you with the base of it then this handle finally this circle parts in the details period its craters actually they believe thousand of different colours and they do some ceremonies in the ceremonies they serve wine to do guests the wine vessels looks like to be a goddess also in this circle.
The shape and I created for them some gas the name is Irina the circle represents the Sun of course before the ceremony they fill it with red wine little spice be edited that like closed sweet spices and then we keep it deep outside when the sunset lines pass through from this hole and make the wine special it blessed the wine they believe if they drink that secret wine all the sunlights goes into their body and please help and power for serving there are three different ways first one for the guests for your friends you can serve on your bracelets and you can drink as much because special guests someone just serve the winemakers her technique is by technique you can use it also for the productions in this area we have different kinds of materials because this area is a volcanic area and the longest river of Turkey called Red River is passing middle of this time while it's passing it made a little curve and collected lots of calories we get this red clay directly from there from the old riverbed totally natural no chemicals just mix it water keep it in the special room which has little community inside for about three or four months and it's a kind of fermentation actually then we pass it from different machines to break the small stones take the evolves house becomes very pure very fine much and then artists can shape it on two wheels.

Lights red clay must be used for their usable things like storage or cooking she sure needs many years experience and now all the pieces each other actually we read about one day for attaching it because it's too wet we press it so hard just for demonstrating he's going to attach them you have a spout and the after we shape the mud we keep the products in the drank groups for about 15 days it must try really slowly because while drying almost had perceptions if they drive too fast they shrink too fast and it's broken unfortunately so we lose about 30 35 percent before we get fired actually before five minutes not that strong very fragile while we are polishing them but same tape also some of them before first battery if it's broken we can recycle the mud and we can reuse it after all those processes we put the products into the kilns mostly for the red clay ones we use both my ankles or the white clay and we prefer electric versions which we are going to see in the next room also firing processes it takes about eight hours in 950 recesses after firing we can't comply with these acts or the red clay products can be used that's what the handle this design tonight design because you can find some civilized people's in it like those ships fears horses some purpose and kids designs also the advice but if you decide violent drawing that's why all becomes one of a kind he never repeated the same once again after he chose to design he painted and then it was produced by using red plane.

We just punish it for protecting colours so the results look like this one and parties dish for sure and also by crazy firstly she paints the fight products with blue top by using compass he draws some geometrical designs of the carpet and that he feels with Luke you today by squeezing his tool here incidentally is to excuse it and apply the design it becomes ready but while he is working he has to have a bright image and 10 minutes 15 minutes otherwise the muscles and the people get to come that's why with full concentration he wants maximum to almost in a day with lots of grimaces takes really long time to finish one of these and after pleasing colors to the with change pyramid becomes darker as you can see some small and big map we have good finally on the south side of the town also as I told you before mostly for the white clay once we use these ones here natural gases just arrived to this period that's why we are not using more but maybe in the future we will use them after all those processes preparing remark shaping polishing firing as you can see it becomes my head white paper physically we drove designers and then apply that colours even for the design for the colours artists are free they can choose any of them mostly they use traditional ones sometimes they add something from their mind also the painting process is really difficult to take stood a long time because we are using with metal oxides water-based.

They are very sensitive so while and applying the first touchings always observed by the plate so we have to pass all run over four times five times to catch the stronger colours but if it's too much or less we can't catch the perfect contrast that's why we need very study and very experienced and it takes about five or six years to learn how to use these colours after all those paintings we prepare glaze by using quartz it's the raw material of glass actually we dip the painted items into that mixture and Howard with blazes you can see we put it to the kiln and fire it for 12 hours 1000 60 degrees Celsius after firing glaze melts becomes transparent and shine like this plate here in all the colors get different contrast impossible to catch the same contrast again because of the hand touching some of the designs are very special for us because created by our families artists here and became very popular in this area for example this design both steel design like moving the silk carbons a lot of details in it as you can see here here is lace design like Ahmed was working it's ready traditional color cobalt blue and turquoise blue use in it another design special design turquoise blue it's very sensitive color because it's made of copper oxide in the kiln it's burns very easily sometimes comes out black or grease the generations the big families that's why Anatolia in Anatolia they give it to the brides as a wedding gift from their parents to wish a long life a long generation with lots of kids as you can see here these spring flowers represent all the generations next general.

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