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Third Day in Antalya from One Week Summer Trip to Turkey

It is day three in Antalya and as Jamal has just told me which is 9 a.m. and it's already 28 degrees today is meant to be one of our hottest days yeah 37 yep so we are going for some caffeine listeners to the aquarium. We think we're going to get the bus stiff area it smells, however, the longest aquarium tunnel in the world so I'm really excited but right now we're going for breakfast I've also realized this whole trip I never have written about night which I probably should do because Antalya is gorgeous at night. I should probably tell you when the day is over yeah let's go for food.

Left the hotel and we are on our way to the aquarium we're going to get the bus again. I hate buses because I always feel like I'm going to get lost and not know where I'm going and I do airports by myself and flights just don't like busses very much and here it's worse because there's like no bus timetables or bus routes or anything on the Internet you have to kind of guess.

We're going to have a great day, I love the aquarium and I'm very excited. I talked to Jamal, I came back to the beach for a bit and now we're going to go back to the hotel and get these things we both put a little nap on the beach I think the 37 degrees heat wore us out a little bit which we walked for half an hour in it to get here I think it's hard this out a little bit look to though. I'm pretty impressed with that now very salty slightly pink quiet and ready food I'm eating a polo by the way not just yeah it's gorgeous here I want a bath that's what I want but still looking jacuzzi bar mister.

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I also wanted to come on and tell you guys a couple of funny things that happened to us today number one, we were on the bus and there were these two Turkish Navy soldiers and Jamal had his digital camera on his lap and they kept looking at his camera. I was like this is odd what's going on and then the older - older Turkish lady I think it was a mother and daughter. I'm just looking at Jamal like that his name is Bob because I like showing him the older Turkish lady like not is that Jamal is a digital camera and like pointed it might put a hand toward it because on the bus is here you get like two seats at facing forwards and then two seats at facing backwards so you're sat looking at two people it's weird and it's like trains I came I guess and in London you get some buses there like that don't you any way that's a completely random tangent

So this lady took Jamal's digital camera off it and was like looking after it and say something about the lens being big I think from her hand gestures so that I just showed her my little one was like our little is better and having a joke and then she just got her phone out and started taking photos of Jamal and I we were like ah thanks and it was quite cute but it was like we don't know you we've not spoken to you and she just started taking photos over some we were like and she was like saying get closer together what she wasn't saying it because she couldn't speak English but she's doing this and then about five minutes later she gave Jamal her headphones and then like to play him a song and it was just as out as we were getting to our stop so it was really awkward

The next thing that happened was at dinner, what's the dog's name shouldn't it sure but Sasha buddy basically called shabadu you're called Shirley Shirley. Basically the restaurant downstairs near our hotel and like all the sort of little restaurants on this street look after this dog called Shiva Dee and it's lovely little sort of medium-sized mongrel type dog who seems that you know nice and clean she's a stray none of them own her but she just lives in this area and actually that's something I wanted to say about Antalya a lot of places I've been before treating the stray is kind of like rubbish and stray cats and stray dogs and they tend to be poorly or you know have different skin conditions and fleas and things like that whereas here all of the locals put out cat food and dog food and water and I think it's to do with the fact that you know having cats and dogs around is obviously vermin control and these restaurants don't want rats or mice around but it's also that the streets are so clean they wash the streets every morning here in Antalya that the dogs and cats end up being cleaner so then they're not seen as much as pests because they're not.

You know spreading fleas or if they're not ill in any way and but also the locals really respect them so what happened while we were at dinner was Shiva Dee was lying down by our table and she did the same thing when we were there not last night the night before and she's just lying there having a sleep and we were the table sort of in the street so people walk through the middle but it's quite quiet it's not to many people it's nice and Along Came this man and his girlfriend and their big German Shepherd so she really jumps up and starts snapping at this big German Shepherd and the lady didn't know what to do.

The lady started like spinning around in circles she crashed herself and the dog into an empty table which not learned of stuff flying everywhere and she really was just barking at this German Shepherd because it kind of stuck its face in her face while she was sleeping and she's only small and it's her territory she shouldn't have been snapping out of it you know she's a stray she's not a pet you know I mean but this man kicked her like really hard not just pushed her away because you know getting between the dogs with your hands is obviously dangerous and bending down and stuff you shouldn't get in between them so I do think he did the right thing by using his feet but he definitely kicked her too hard like she was only a little dog and he proper booted her in the revs and she like blew up in the air and like Yelp to run away all three of the waiters that were stood outside suddenly like jumped her like jump towards them and like shouted at this man and this poor little dog like went and sat next to one of the tables and everyone in the tables for the restaurant were like oh she okay is she okay but you can tell the locals really liked her because a load of lads came by on their bikes and stopped while she was asleep and one of the tables to stroke her and then carried on going

You could tell they're like local boys but it was really sad the poor doggy so I just went over and Mike chat she was okay I felt down all of her sides and to feel that she was whimpering or in any pain in any other places where I was pressing her and she was so gentle with me even though she was quite scared and she did sort of grunt when I pressed on one of the places where I think he kicked her but she didn't Yelp so don't think she was back injured but it was really sad to bless her and she's really cute so yeah two weird things that have well one weird thing and one sad thing getting our photos were taken on the bus and the poor restaurant dog getting kicked.

We had a really nice dinner again we decided just to go close back to the place where we've been because we wanted to go to as many places as possible while we're here obviously and we don't want to just go to the same place over and over and over again but had a really long day and we're both a bit exhausted from the heat so we decided to just go back to what we knew and get something that we liked but we won't do it again will we promised each other that we'll try new things so that will not be happening again but it is really good Italian food it's good I think you saw it last time. Biddy is cute maybe I'll get her another time in the daytime because she's always down anyway, for now, I think it's pyjamas and the Grand Tour because it's five to midnight and we've had a long day and we're tired and we're not you know party kind of move wouldn't go bad so yeah that was day three.

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