Friday, November 02, 2018

Second Day of One Week Summer Trip to Antalya Turkey

This is our second day, we had breakfast this morning and then went to the room got ready and left and then walked to what we thought was a bus station. It was not, it was a rent-a-car place called Antalya bus station, rent-a-car I was like oh wee… and then we found a bus stop. A random bus stop and there was a lady in it that said yeah this is the bus terminal T, we got on that bus and asked the bus driver and he said no you need the number-8 to get off, go that way with a hand gesture because it speak any English he just 1/8 and did this. So then we just started wolf king and on Google Maps the number one the tram line isn't on Google Maps and number two none of the bus stations are either bus stops came to this. One and there's no signage on the maps nothing and then just ask the lovely people stood by it who don't speak any English blast and we were like number eight Kanye and they were like yes that's where they're going to, so now we're just going to wait here for the bus.

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Today we're feeling a bit hot, I'm not going to lie, I don't think I've got much Sun cream left on me now I think I've sweated it all off hopefully. We will be getting the number eight bus to the beach and it's actually we've done quite well considering there aren't any maps there's nothing adventure so we're coming to the end. At the beach, Charlotte's already really loved which is fully black that I a lot of times thank you for this Beach. I know they can hear me because the wave travels really quick as we been swimming we've come across be taken out of the sea three plastic bags two cigarette butts two little weird plastic things that we didn't know what they were two chocolate bar wrappers and it was just whatever plumber when you're swimming around I see and it's so beautiful everywhere else looks so clean. Imagine a just price that down to make this trip I pulled out they got a coke card that you what black holes we use these things every day we have no idea what they call yeah that little thing that opens the cab there just passed his chance and put it in the bin and it was just.

So I wanted to cut my hair and use this platform to say like if everyone did what genocide under their which is just pick up the bits that we see then it would make a tiny difference so I'm going to make a huge difference because there are so many people and there's so much rubbish and there are companies out there doing incredible work if you don't know about for ocean go and check them out but I love Turkey it's beautiful and that's what it was about really and if you love. Somewhere the costume, hey so we have showered and now we're going for dinner.

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