Saturday, November 10, 2018

How Did We Found A Hotel For One Night Stay in Istanbul

Rio Hotel in Istanbul Turkey
How Did We Found A Hotel For One Night Stay in Istanbul
In my article on Detailed Review of Hotel Istanbul Trend in Turkey, I shared my reviews about the hotel. I also mentioned there that we did not extend our stay into the Hotel Istanbul Trend and one of the reasons was the high cost of room stay. After paying our single day room rent, we decided to move to another hotel in cheap rates and it was not easy after travelling from Antalya to Istanbul. All of us decided to find a Hotel for one night stay in Istanbul Turkey.

After check-in to our rooms, I and my friend left the hotel and start searching for a suitable hotel in midnight. There, we visited almost all the places around our hotel. Let me tell you, during our trip of 9 days the only difficulty we faced understanding of language from both sides. Turkish people of shops, taxi drivers, salesman, restaurants even at the hotel reception, it was difficult to convey your message.

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We stepped in each hotel, discussed our requirement, checked the rooms, floors, lifts, food availability and finalized the room rates at the Hotel reception. Actually, we have to move in the morning, so, each time before leaving the hotel we took their visiting cards and wrote the rates at the back of those cards for confirmation in the morning.

Next morning, we contacted again to those Hotels one by one but you cannot imagine that not a single Hotel agreed to rent out their rooms at the rates which we finalized yesterday night. Luckily, we found a Hotel at a very cheap rate even lesser than to our online booked hotels. Suggestion, if you have ample time then you must visit other hotels as well and bargain the room rates, hope you will find the cheapest one.

Rooms of the RIO Hotel
Sizes of the double bedrooms, washrooms and corridor area were very small. Single average wooden beds with normal mattresses were available in the rooms. There was a carpet on the floor. Each room was equipped with Air conditioner, a LED Television and a wooden cabinet for hanging the dress.

Break Fast in the RIO Hotel
This was our last Breakfast in Istanbul, Turkey. We wake up early in the morning changed our dress, came down through the lift and start waiting for the breakfast. During the 10 minutes of our wait, the hotel staff arranged the buffet breakfast for all the hotel guests. There were only 7 guests at 07:00 am.

Breakfast was not having too many dishes so the choice was very easy. There were boiled and omelette eggs, bread, bun, butter, jam and French fries. This was the simplest breakfast we did in Istanbul.

Location of the RIO Hotel
Like other hotels which we booked and did our stay, where all these hotels were very close to the main attractions of the old area of Istanbul. This hotel was close to the Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazar, Hagia Sophia, Public Transport, Sultan Ahmet Mosque or Blue Mosque, Museums, Bars, Cafes, Resturants, Bars, Markets and Shuttle services were lo available from outside the hotel area. All these places were on walking distance and we did the same. we never used a taxi in Istanbul to reach the above-mentioned areas.

Hotel Facilities in the RIO Hotel
Except having a good breakfast, there was no attraction for us because it was only for one day stay or you can say a hotel to pass the night only. The lift was really very small even two persons were unable to move up and down easily with their normal luggage.

If you are alone or with friends and want a shorter stay then its ok for you but a person with family and kids should look at other options. I hope this review will help you in finding a good hotel in future.