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Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar and Turkish Coffee in Istanbul

Grand Bazaar Corridor
Grand Bazar
Grand Bazaar
I wanted to tell you to one of the largest and oldest bazaars in the world that is Grand Bazaar. We had an amazing tour, I will share with you about the Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar & about some street food. let's tart from Grand Bazaar, it was built in ottoman empire's time and it's growing bigger and bigger in the Empire group and today I think it is over than four thousand shops. it's really huge and one of the surprising things is every language spoken is spoken here so you can hear Chinese, Japanese, English, Spanish and French. The shop owners are mostly fluent in every language and here I found some Turkish light it's one of the many delicacies in our culture and it's so good especially I love these ones because these ones are flavoured with a rose so you can taste at rosy deliciousness. In English they say Clark if you ever come to Turkey make sure you tried it you can find anything here shoes, bags, hats, shawls, Julie, gold, silver, diamonds, any type of jewelry, plates, carpets, you know everything that comes to mind you can find it in Grand Bazaar but there's a rule that you must follow which is bargaining make sure you bargain.

I love carpets and Turkish carpets are very famous as well and we even have the salt based restaurants here in Grand Bazaar. Traditional costumes which we don't wear these nowadays I think this is a costume for the henna party which usually happens before the wedding girls get henna in their hands and this is a costume for circumcision party some families a lot of families still do it.

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Turkish Coffee
Now, some words about Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is very unique because what we do is we cook it with the beans then we serve it with the beans as well the beans have to be really far in the very ground and in that sense, it's very unique because it starts with the beans, we drink it every day. After we drink it we look at that or fortune also you have it's done and even when the girls are getting married the first time they meet their husbands tears they always make Turkish coffee to them so it holds a very dear place in our culture you can have it with some sugar, it's quite you know, it's like, it's a bit like espresso but well mid-face better than espresso but it's not very smooth so you can add some more sugar in it if you come to Turkey and try it out.

Once you drink the coffee you see the beans here, we call this Italia actually what I will do is, I'm gonna give it a good shake, there's actually a sentence we say that's me my fortune comes through something like it and I just flip it over and I wait for it to cool down reaction. A lot of superstitions here in Turkey, if we are walking and a bird poops on our head we think that we are going to get rich and looking at our fortune from the Turkish Cup is one of the main superstitions usually a person does this, once it is cool down we just open it up and we look at these shapes here and symbols and you know sometimes they see animals, sometimes they seem like a moon, heart.

We had snacks during the day, we eat a lot we like to pair it well with feta cheese or cream cheese and tomatoes I mean it's just great this neighbourhood. Here is such a historic place of Istanbul it was the main centre of Ottoman Empire so if you ever come here you'll see very old math very old buildings and they're just all so beautiful so pretty.

Spice Bazaar
Spice Bazaar
Spice Bazaar
Now, I will tell you about the spice market, it's about five-six minutes walk from Grand Bazaar and all the streets of Istanbul you're gonna find roasted chestnuts they're very delicious as well especially in cold winter. It's so crowded if you want to avoid the crowds make sure to come in the morning. Here we met Mr Josh's in Turkish spice market which translates to corn bazaar actually and there are lots of lots of spices in there and as soon as you get in you can't find spices not dried fruits some walnuts, pistachios and all the wonders that my country has to offer and a lot a lot of spices and spices as well and a lot of varieties of circus life just with everything that comes to mind.

I want to tell you a little bit about spices that are specific to us first one is smoke it's a great spice, it is an acidic flavour so you can put it on anything that you would put lemon on to so it goes well with salad it goes amazingly it soaks especially with lentil soup, I just love using schmuck whenever I'm cooking it just gives that acidic feel that lemon does and red pepper flakes is something being used a lot in our kitchen too especially from the southeastern part of Turkey you can buy it you know Miele thoughts you can base on your taste but it's definitely something you should back from Turkey as well and this is called Nurik. She seats a pomegranate sauce and it was amazing with salads as well and I haven't seen this anywhere else. it's quite like balsamic vinegar but it's a little bit sweeter so I think if you ever have seen it it's a someplace aside from Turkey.

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