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Fourth Day From One Week Summer Trip To Antalya Turkey

Antalya Turkey
Fourth Day From One Week Summer Trip To Antalya Turkey
After sharing three days of my trip, here comes another exciting day, that is the fourth day. This is afternoon here, Jamal and I spent the morning going round all the little streets locally and taking some photos for Instagram. We both really like photography so it's something that we wanted to do while we were here was spend a couple of hours getting loads and then not having to sort of worry about it and just being able to enjoy walking around for the rest of the trip.

It's like 36 degrees outside and this is not what I want on right now. Jamal is going to get some lunch so we're going to sit and eat lunch and then we're going to go to the pool. We're separate from the main hotel which is just on the road, we have our own little villa basically so this is a little communal area which we haven't actually used yet because we have our own Terrace which is at least at the top of the stairs which are very precarious because they're shiny and glass. All you need to put the cushions back on the bed so yeah this is our little room got electricity outs boring, the bathroom is gorgeous it has a big huge jacuzzi bath with like lots of jet wash shower things, we have a king-size bed which is crazy.
I don't think I've ever septum a king-size bed before it's massive which is stunning, it's really pretty and I love all of these are very nice. We booked a deluxe room but what we got to put and we think was a standard because we think they'd run out of deluxe excuse all of our rubbish. We have a kitchen which is cute because we did a bit of cooking and then like wardrobes and stuff where we hung everything and then outside where our little Terrace. We were trying things out there all week. I don't really use it to sit on halfway most people use it because they smoke. The TV has a thingy on the top and it looks like a clock on a taxi so we think maybe get charged if you use the TV so we didn't do that. I really like the light fittings as well they're really nice. 

Last night we made pasta at our hotel and we sat on our bed I mean pasta and sauce and it was really nice I watched Grand Tour and it was really lovely, so now we're able to go to the banks to get some currency change lira and then we're going to go to that little private beach we saw on the first day. We're going to old Hadrian's gate which is where all the banks, it's really pretty. Today's going to be lovely and hopefully because our things with cash passports not working either so basically we just had a bit of a crisis but we managed to last night We got through. 

Now we're going to get some cash out so we can change at the hotel which is the worst exchange rate than our sales with cash pallet which is annoying but oh well we want list we're going to have a good time. We made it to the private beach Jamal is just suggesting me umbrella he's been stung by something, it's big got on his knee, it's got lumps, it's not that bad in a bit of a words but it's got a lumpy knee, going to rinse it with the water, I swear sometimes he thinks I'm stupid, I don't. With the fresh water, it's gorgeous here as it has been everywhere where there's like cliffs behind us and you come down the steps to this gorgeous little private beach that's got like platforms into the water we're on like an edge bit where we're kind of propped up on some rocks.

Now I can tell you the Jamal's leg, it's very much better and he didn't get two cuts in his toes as well but he seems much better, he's now swimming in the sea that's splash, I'm not sure if this area there's a lot of fish, little bits of moss and coral or and stuff like that it's actually a quite cool stay private pair of goggles. I found the crab having a fight with a fish it's quite impressive. It is about four o'clock, still, about 32 degrees waking up flashed but having a lovely day. I'm just so chilled, it's so nice and not have to do anything. I don't have to think about a list of ten million things that need doing before a certain day and we don't have about here just chill. we had a really lovely second-to-last and tomorrow's our last evening, let's gorgeous we don't want to leave really don't leave so much that was already planning next year's holiday not to here somewhere else. 

We've just had dinner which was really good and now we're walking down. Now we're going to go back to our room and watch some TV always and just chill out.

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