Friday, November 09, 2018

Final Day of One Week Summer Trip To Antalya Turkey

Turkish Airport

Final Day of One Week Summer Trip To Antalya Turkey
Today is the last or final day from the one-week summer trip to Antalya Turkey. What time is it five plus nine-five plus nine we are up and it is chaos? it's the last day to check out in an hour we're going to go and get breakfast and then come back and get showered. We spent the morning taking some more photos went for a little swim in the pool. After swimming we sorted the pictures of the laptop did our final packing, picked our last washed clothes.

Now, I got ready and we are going up to Gazette T or Vanessa do that connector it's Italian and that accent was terrible, I'm sorry we're going because I want cheese pasta and that sounds really simple but I've been craving cheese pasta like three days and I don't know why they do a forties pasta. So we've been that before that spare had the seafood linguini which likes changed my life so hoping that some cheese pasta will be good for Jamal. I love Parmesan crisp and Jamal seems to have just got a feast on a wooden plate.

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I was sad and it's chaos and we're trying really hard to shed weight because we were like two kilos over in total when we came but one bag was 13kg and one bag was 29kg, he only was supposed to be 20kg in each bag. We've been trying to shed weight, we've dumped a load of products, we've used as many products as we can while we've been here and we've tried to reshuffle everything and we're just hoping that's going to be okay. Shiva D is the restaurant burger he's a good gear oh she just rolled over for me she was still here and she's like rub my tummy. I should Biddy we've gone all out for a final meal I've got the salmon which I've already half-devoured and Jamal had a mixed grill which he has almost entirely devout.

All the other people in the restaurant seemed horrified from getting they don't know her, so whistle they're everything I can't when I called her over here to wag the tail when she saw me and she just came and sat down what a nice goodbye. The flight over here fewer lights in six hours time they're being checked in ours which is in three hours' time I'm sat on the floor. some equipment that sometimes agendas just flaking like that local politics about half an hour time difference they get my aunt 11 am i thought even those four outside but it's like a Chia, got no food on this right so we've got some snacks for another book it's been an incredible journey I don't there's a price.

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