Saturday, October 06, 2018

Dance at Dil Dil Pakistan Song in Turkey by Pakistani Guys

Dinner at Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul was filled with fun. I have already discussed a few dance performances which we witnessed during cruising activity. Today, I will tell you how this song Dil Dil Pakistan was played at Cruise and who did dance at this song.

You belong to any country, living anywhere in the world but cannot deny the affiliation you have to your homeland. The same case was with us while enjoying cruising party in Istanbul, Turkey, the DJ was playing music on demand and the people were performing on the floor. These lovely performances were ember us to come in the middle and join them but our shyness holds us back.

DJ judges our interest and call me to come forward, I took few steps to reach him, where he asks me, From which Country do you belong? I answered we are from Pakistan. It was an unforgettable & proud moment for us when suddenly a Pakistani national song Dil Dil Pakistan by Junaid Jamshed was played on the cruise ship by the DJ. That was the time when we through our shyness and came to the centre of the floor and start dancing. Few other people at the cruise ship who belongs to Pakistan also joined us and at that moment we really feel proud as in the middle of the sea there was a name of our country everywhere.

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