Sunday, October 14, 2018

Whirling Dervish Dance in Turkey

Today, I am sharing about another performance at Bosphorus cruise ship which is also known as Sufi contemplation. If you close your eyes and listening to this heart touching music it takes you to the height or out of this world.

Tilted head, wearing a long hat, long skirt, keeping his eyes closed, clockwise continuous spinning his body depicts his connection to the God. This Sufi Meditation is also known as Dervish Dance or Whirling Dervish Dance. Sufi dervishes are still practising this. It is not a dance performance so keep it aside from the normal dance performance.

Personally, I love its music. Whenever you come or visit Turkey, you must watch the live performance even in theatre separately. All of us also enjoyed this short but memorable performance in Istanbul on a cruise ship on 5th July 2017.

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If you also want to see the performance then watch the below video:

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