Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Turkish Bosphorus Cruise Trip in Istanbul

The Republic of Turkey is a country of the expedition, sightseeing spots, a combination of European & Asian sides, and having a famous historic background. I and my three colleagues cum friends visited there in July 2017. This was our very first eight days trip to any country together with full of fun, excitement, and joy. During the trip we tried our best to explore maximum & Turkish Bosphorus Cruise Trip in Istanbul is one of the parts of our expedition to Turkey. 

Bosphorus strait connects two continents that are Europe and Asia through the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. Without going into long details I will move forward. We did an online booking form Pakistan for this must-visit place or things to do in Istanbul that is Dinner at Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul. 

On the 2nd day of our trip, a van arrived at 1930 Hrs to our Aspen Hotel located at the Old City in Istanbul, picked all of us & dropped to the cruise ship's dock at the European side. We were guided to move our cruise ship where we were welcomed by the Turkish Band with Drum Beats, the table was reserved in the middle row (not with windows) close to the backside of the boat and we had a cocktail there. We saw a few Turkish Dance performances, had dinner, and enjoyed DJ performances. I will write in detail a separate article on all these activities. Now skipping these activities, the cruise departed around 20:30 Hrs to deep in the Black Sea. On both sides of the sea, we saw the beauty of Istanbul in the shape of modern houses and historic mosques. We were moving up & down on the cruise to capture these moments in our mobile cameras.

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While sailing under the bridge at night full of lights was a unique experience for all of us as this bridge is in between two continents. We caught these moments from the 1st floor of the cruise. I recommend everyone to have a Cruise Ship Trip to Istanbul. It was almost 5 hours trip from 1930 Hrs to 0030 Hrs. The same van which picked us earlier dropped at our Hotel. It is an unforgettable trip. I should mention, pick & drop service was very good. Below I am sharing a video from my mobile collection showing Sailing in the Black Sea, Me and My friends, European and Asian coastal sides, Evening & Night view of Istanbul from the cruise.


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