Saturday, October 20, 2018

Our Stay at Grida City Hotel in Antalya, Turkey

When we planned to visit Turkey during our annual leaves, the selection of places to visit was not as easy as there is the number of choices and attractions to enjoy. Cut short, we finalized to visit Antalya in Turkey to enjoy rafting & beautiful and safest beaches in the world. Our experience to stay at Grida City Hotel in Antalya is my today’s article of Turkey Namaa.

Again, the selection of an international Hotel to spend your holidays without previous experience is not an easy decision. After an online booking of Aspen Hotel in Istanbul, we choose our 2nd Hotel which was Grida City in Antalya.

Selection Criteria of the Hotel

Actually, we want to see the city and beaches of Alanya but we did not find any airport there, so, the closest place of landing was Antalya and here the Grida City Hotel was very close to the main attractions of Antalya that were World’s Biggest Aquarium, Football Stadium, Water Park, Mall of Antalya, Beaches and many more…..

Rooms of the Hotel

Grida City Hotel rooms were spacious having balcony outside the rooms. LED TV & Split A/C was installed. Safety box was not available in our rooms. When we talked to the reception for the safety box they offer us the same at the different place inside their admin block which we refused to avoid unnecessary movements in the hotel. Washrooms were also spacious.

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Food at Hotel

I can review the breakfast only because we spent most of the time outside the hotel and had no experiences of Lunch and Dinner tastes and qualities. About breakfast, there was the number of choices from Bread, Buns, Jam, Boiled Egg, Butter, Cornflakes, Mayonnaise, Olives, Tea, Coffee, Orange or Apple Juices, Salads, Sauces, Creams and lots of other stuff which I even did not taste.

Other Facilities at the Hotel

In our busy schedule, we did not explore our hotels of stay. I can write here which we saw there. This hotel was a big hotel with old construction, old furniture, old split A/Cs, old Lifts and the most important thing for every traveller is Tea Cattle for making tea. We spend our good time there but improvement will attract more tourists.
There was a big swimming pool just at the main entrance of the hotel where boys and girls were taking their swimming classes. Lobby, Buffet and Bar areas were very spacious.
Stay at Grida City Hotel was a good experience with positive recommendations.

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