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One Week Summer Trip to Antalya Turkey - Day First

One Week Summer Trip to Antalya Turkey - Day First
One Week Summer Trip to Antalya Turkey - Day First
Hi, this is the first episode of 5 article series which I have written about the trip to Antalya. Starting now, we were in a slightly different setting to normal. Welcome to the departures lounge at Gatwick Airport, we're a little bit excited so we are flying today which is Tuesday the 28th of August to Antalya Turkey for eight days.

However, I would like to delay by an hour, of course, you know it's not a journey without a minor hiccup but we got through passport possible control which at 10 we got through security. We had to sit in these chairs for cover having through baby kind of fall to the point where Jamal went and got a Starbucks and I couldn't manage one. So no coffee for me, one second didn't even get to see the trolley that's rattling private fairness we are in the departure lounge at Gatwick there are lots of people here. Everyone who thinks of spirits even though it's not that late we have got a night flight but it's not that late it is 10 past 8:00 at night. We were supposed to be flying at 8:45 but it now says that we are going to get gate information at 8:45 flights late until 9:45. We have some incredibly exciting things planned we're going to be a useful area of Turkey and I can't wait to have you along, I forgot to say I am ill, I can't go anywhere without having a cold Newsday's got back from Edinburgh with a cold wet. Jamal is where the cold got better and got ill again yesterday because we walked two pets at home in the rain I had a raincoat but well now all I'm all stuffed up, I have got a sore throat so I am sniffing which is perfect for the flight so I get twenty years as well so that's going to be fun. 

We have arrived in Antalya so we got the plane, went through passport control had to buy our visas 20 dollars each when they come into Turkey as I could be the thingy but now I am waiting by the tropics which is calculation this for our bags start coming around and Jamal has been to go and find catchments. We are going to get a taxi into Italian old town, I am hoping the bags will come quickly but it's actually 4 a.m. and we can't check into the hotel till 2 p.m. so we're going to go there drunk off our luggage we hope they're going to have a storage room then we're going to go explore and I am very close but it's still warm don't you think or in the morning. I am breaking out because I got back from Edinburgh and skin Man right the water which is crazy yeah I am still having a breakout because of Sergio stretch already but hopefully concern and since he knew all of this up because I tried to not put too much make product who's you know back on their acquaintance. let's let it breathe highlight just got so much foundation good morning from Antalya so it's now 8 a.m. trying to be quiet. I'm not sure who in the hotel's open, we arrived to the hotel at 5:00 a.m. and we didn't eat check-in was until 2 p.m. So, we thought we had to dump our bags and just go Jamal just in the bathroom but they showed us to her room and we're not entirely sure what's happening at the moment because on our booking it's a deluxe room and we think this is a standard and the guy last night I said something about coming back at 10 a.m. and something about double beds but hitting this room very good so we're going to go and find help what's going on. 

There is a dog, the old town is stunning I can't but for now we're going to get the breakfast and then go to the reception but I don't. What's happening with our rooms and then today it's just about chilling because we've had like an hour's sleep I think I've got a little rough and well here our plan for the week and the exploring and Taleo town because it's stunning, back street beautiful we just come all the way up to this viewing platform because we tried to get down onto that Beach they have to pay 17 lira to get onto it. So we're attempting to get in this way and try and find more Beach I am sweating and gross Jamal looks great he's just had some photos on the end here and we spotted a boat tour that we think we want to do because it goes to a little cave that's over there and then goes off around the corner yeah stunning we love it it's absolutely gorgeous this gardens beautiful. Tahlia old town is better than I ever could have imagined. Jamal I just climbed our way down that which looks scary from down here than it did from up there to find this absolutely gorgeous little Cove which we don't have to pay for because all the beaches have to so we stood on a rock in the middle of it all I am about to go for a dip in there Bobby. Jamal is not this just stunning beautiful. What we got Zareen I have seafood pasta which has spaghetti Italian and a beautiful Madame suppose Bon Appetite you've made friends with the restaurant.

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