Wednesday, October 17, 2018

My Stay at Aspen Hotel in Istanbul Turkey

In the last article of Turkey Namaa, I told you how we choose and did online booking of Aspen Hotel Ist in Istanbul, Turkey and in the last paragraph I mentioned that we did not stay there. Now, I will tell you the reason for none staying there. First, a little background, as we did online booking, got confirmation thru telephone and emails with guests name.

On the first day of our Arrival to Istanbul, Turkey on 04th July 2017 through Qatar Airways. Level of excitement was immeasurable. We reached the Aspen Hotel in the evening by Taxi. We went directly to the reception with the luggage bags and show him our online reservation and confirmation printouts for the room possession. We had a cup of Turkish tea with special sugar cubes. It was hard to drink that tea without milk but to find the Turkish taste we finished it all. He took his time while checking the reservations and it was shocking when the reception guy cum hotel manager at that time excused us with a statement that we don’t have any room for you guys due to some urgent arrivals of guests.

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We did our maximum effort to get our rooms here because it was the only choice after a one day travelling to the new place. Hotel Manager at Aspen Hotel offered us to stay at a different hotel working under our umbrella close to us with the same facilities and same room rates. He also offered us to come in the morning have your breakfast at the Aspen Hotel during your stay of 2 days.

Hotel attendant took us to the other hotels available on the opposite side, after checking we finalized one with better facilities except for breakfast option. We came back to the Aspen Hotel, paid rooms charges for 2 days stay, took the payment slip and moved our luggage to another hotel. During our stay, we enjoyed our breakfast at the Aspen Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey on both days. There was the number of choices for lavish and healthy breakfast.

For us, it was not a good experience of an online hotel booking. Online hotel booking websites should take strict action to such hotels doing wrong confirmations and at times hotel management refuses to accept these bookings.

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