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My Friend Spending Holidays at Antalya Turkey - Day First

My Friend Spending Holidays at Antalya Turkey - Day First
My Friend Spending Holidays at Antalya Turkey - Day First
The current view I'm dealing with just a touchdown in Antalya which is in Turkey this is going to be holiday blog number one I don't know how I'm going to do it. I don't know if I'm going to do it like different parts altogether depend so I'm going to take you guys on all the sites to check out all the food I'm eating everything yeah. 

So this is the hotel rooms I'll give you a little tour quickly though will be got here so we got a sofa bed but it's little single bed which I'm going to use as a Sun Lounger and a double bed here. So if you're wondering why so many beds it's because I booked this holiday for free people, two of my mates and they had to cancel last minute due to like family problems of welcome things like that so I still come by myself yeah holiday by myself she's going to relax enjoy it as much as possible and sleep on a different bed every single night but I'm going to use that one as a sign languages yeah that looks comfy as hell bar from decent, don't showing you the bathroom just a bathroom yeah got to grab some lunch just came into the hotel. 
It is two o'clock one play local time cuts off at 2 p.m. I am going to eat some lunch quickly. I've got an explorer check out the pools around the hotel check out everything around here so let's have a look let's go and see what we're dealing with I didn't quite realize how hot it was going to be out here is boiling it says it's like 27 but it feels a lot hotter and I found the pool pulled over one with a slide and pull number two but uh yeah just a normal cool I'm going to go have a dip after my lunch I just start with some cold stuff what did I get I have no idea what I got, to be honest, I've got Simon like vegetables I know that's at sea key or tragic as they called it in Turkey. 

You actually see that sunny some halloumi I think some beets or beans Bing some roast marinated onions aubergine I fig another bean thing and then I'm going to move on to the hoot so I'll certainly guys know had tastes I really underestimated how hot it was going to be out here is boiling and I made a big mistake saying outside but I'm going to be burn you'll see you'll be really red very soon and yeah I've just got my name's but I got like flatbread with mince I'm like the tree sort of other guys I can see like shudder I'm going to move the other way so got flatbread mints inside some chicken some what's that more chicken meatballs vegetable gratin that's Satsuki and judging I don't know what that was it wasn't nice and then some more chicken as he had balances as other vegetables and stuff there oh good it's really nice so far really nice.

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I'm going to have a little explore chat around the beach area and I'll live that business in a minute sit down to enjoy this so you just sort of little beach area basically after that yeah it was absolutely beautiful really nice I wish it was actual proper beach I'm going to go explore one someday this week oh yeah by the way I'm here for eight days day one and then after I saw the beach and after I had lunch much it's really nice by the way and the hot food was really good so I'm looking forward to dinner and then afterwards after I saw the beach I came upstairs and I napped like hell that was a really good nap I never sleep during a day but because how tired I was I think I was sleeping for like three and a half hours maybe and it's now seven o'clock. 

I just watched a bear call Saul and got to go and have dinner yeah let's see what they have on offer and hopefully it's nice the plates are really small so I just got loads of stuff with my blades that go back for another I'm just going to read my paper and have yeah just go to town so I got vegetable lasagna that is okra which is really nice it's like we say in Egypt a lot of Bamian Egypt kofta but I get there it's like meatballs and stuff Turkish pizza Peter and just some assorted meats and stuff I know pretty much quite a lot of the food and they use here because where I live back is a big Turkish community it's probably more Turkish people around my area than any other nationality so yeah it's a lot of Turkish food we eat - actually quite a lot where I am I know quite a lot of food and it's really nice it lives up to good standard I'm just going to tuck into this I'm going to see how this book compares in Egyptian sir is it my opinion this is Egyptian and that's why I got in the end just a selection of like yeah but now I like lava type pastries I'm not going to eat all of that because I probably like over a thousand calories believe it or not really yeah like that Lauer buffets is probably.

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