Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Last Day of My Friend Spending Holidays at Antalya Turkey

Last Day of My Friend Spending Holidays at Antalya Turkey
Last Day of My Friend Spending Holidays at Antalya Turkey
Hey guys the breakfast food that you just saw was from yesterday and I didn't carry on it today any more meals or anything because not much change there and secondly I didn't do anything so yes I've really chilled out in the whole day I don't really like sitting in the Sun so I haven't really done that and I went for a swim yesterday and I've just gone for a swim now so this is two days in a row swim in 20 minutes proper training but as if you don't know I used to be a swimming teacher swimming coach and also water polo player myself so I'm used to swimming used to training and that may be why I haven't swum in so long I was one for years like proper swimming for years and yeah and also I thought that might make my neck worse which it hasn't made me actually feel quite good so I might take it up when I get back home really nice indoor pool up in use and down stairs because the outdoor pool is breezing yeah I don't deal with cold water that well so really nice and heated all by myself as well which was good enough to have anyone looking at me weird.

While I'm doing swimming laps up and down plan for today I'm going to go and have some lunch refuel and also got a 56 minute walk to some waterfalls I've seen what was before in Jamaica I'm really excited to see these ones in Turkey because they look amazing from pictures there's a 56 minute walk there and obviously a 56 minute walk back so I'm going to take you guys along with me so let me get changed to have some lunch and let's go for this really long Trek so that long way been walking for about five minutes so far well I just take a seat Mr. Lyman you it's pretty beautiful around here see just goes on forever that's the Mediterranean and then you can't see it now across from us is Cyprus quite far away be that yeah it's just so nice around here I'm really looking forward to seeing these waterfalls now just even around here is really Bri I'll bet has it disappointed something saw a cool Italian Dj Khaled chasing a pirate ship so weird I was just I'm just standing watching the Warhol and hooked am i watching my kids the time just disappeared but it's a nice relaxing time people turn around yeah Jeff soon I'm just standing along and I looking at my phone which is a weird thing yeah look I caught fish which helps to spend too much time on that so I've just arrived in Old Town or caliches to the locals and I have no idea where I'm going what I'm going to do here absolutely anything for a summer across like a little market or a bazaar then can buy some stuffs but for now I don't really know where I'm going what I'm doing going to get lost so let's get lost this cardio is killing me and if you didn't get lost you would have find places like this is just ridiculous this is so beautiful look at that marita so this is a marina just so pretty everywhere I know how much of that you can see over there there's just like clouds and Logan's massive mountains it's just so pretty not sure how feel of this oh yeah I'm not sure laughing about that.

There are so many pubs around here it's ridiculous there's like fall just down this street yeah I'm in Turkey and as other pubs I've gone too far so this is hadrian's gate it's pretty cool I was already looking into the history of this I know absolutely nothing about it but yeah someone like the main road strip don't what you want to call it but it's just basically like loads of new style shops here little boutiques just a matter it's a big market really so new update this Bazaar anywhere my phone's going to run out very soon and it's like terrain yes I escaped the rain coming to Turkey looks like just followed me everywhere and I've just checked it's going to fund a storm tomorrow yes just hopped in a taxi it's an hour 10 minute walk back from the hotel on the caliche back to the hotel in nobody got time for that I really don't have time for that because if I did that book I'd missed it on and I'm not missing dinner you know I never miss it. 

So hopefully it's only a very short taxi rides because everywhere is pretty much like a boats everywhere people drive really fast around here so it's very quick yeah back to same old dinner as it has been for the whole week tomorrow's my last day Wednesday our flight back to the sea might do something, see if I do anything probably one of the most stupid things you'll ever hear the only time I've got donning about is in the air going back home yeah probably doesn't taste right then sorry I'm going to finish it off.

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