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Koprulu Canyon White Water Rafting in Antalya Turkey

Koprulu Canyon National Park was almost 100 KM from the hotel and it took 1:30 hours to reach the best rafting place in the turkey. Koprulu Canyon Rafting is at Koprucay River which was almost 14 km long. At the park, you can perform a few other activities that are Hiking, Camping, Safari Jeep, Photography, and Picnic with family.

Leaving for Rafting

According to our plan, on 7th July 2017 (4th day of our visit to Turkey) we reached to Antalya (Province of Turkey) through Onair a domestic flight operator in the afternoon where our booking was at Grida City Hotel. Very next morning we were waiting for the pickup van which will drop us to Rafting in Antalya. It is a whole day activity from pickup to return at your destination. The name for organizing this Rafting activity was “Tarzan”. We paid them (what I remember) 120 Turkish Lira (Pak Rs. 3,360/- in July 2017).

The driver of the van arrived at the reception of Grida City Hotel, collect money from the receptionist (which was paid by us). This was the only thing which was in our plan but did not book online. We left the hotel at 0930 Hrs to reach our final destination for whitewater rafting in Antalya at Koprulu Canyon National Park.

Preparation for Rafting

Now continuing to my turkey namaa, before going directly to the river we were gathered at one place under the small cafeteria, here two (2) more vans arrived with a group of people. Most of them belong to Russia and others like us were from Asian countries i.e Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran. Here the cameraman came to film all the faces (do smile here). A guide from the organizers delivered a detailed lecture about the River, Rafting, Boating, Paddle positioning, First Aid, Safety equipment, filming the scenes, break during rafting, buffet lunch, special shoes (they will offer you to buy from their place, now the choice is yours), insurance was not included nor offered by them (it should be included). He delivered these instructions or guidance in the languages of English and Russian.

After finishing the lecture we took our rafting equipment (Helmet, Life Guard Jacket & Paddle) and followed our guide to the rafting area. There he divides us into different groups with eight (8) persons in each group. Russians were not part of Asians group. This whole 3 hours river rafting experience is unforgettable for all of us.

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Gear up

During rafting we walked in a pond of cool water, enjoyed by shouting, screaming & throwing water on other boat riders, quick & fast paddling was done to cross other groups, posing for camera videos & pictures, took breaks and did swimming at few places (unbearable chilled water), chatting with Turkish boat leader.

Special Activity during Rafting

There was a place for special activity during rafting. It was a wheelchair at almost 200 feet above to the river. You have to reach at the starting point by walk, move upstairs, wear a safety belt, Sit in a chair and it will move forward on the metal ropes very quickly. For three (3) minutes rides they were charging $10 per person/per ride.

Buffet Lunch after Rafting

After finishing our rafting, we came back to the starting point and there we had a buffet lunch arranged by the TARZANs. What I understand their serving; they Cooked dry pulse (I did not like that) with salad and shawarma. Drinks were on payment basis.

Video & Pictures of Rafting

During lunch, our movie was played on a big screen. They were selling the videos and pictures to us in Dollars or Turkish liras. We purchased one of our group photographs in 10 TL & the paid 50 TL for Video CD.

Finally, took a shower under open showers to wash our bodies, wear normal dresses, sit in a van and reached the hotel in the evening. We were the last who were dropped by the transporter.

If you want to see our Complete Rafting Video then watch it here:

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