Thursday, October 18, 2018

How to Travel Turkey in a Very Low Budget

Cheap International travelling is not an easy task. Are you planning to visit Turkey? Do not think over and start preparing the necessary documents for Turkish tourist or visit visa. I will tell you how we visited turkey in a very low budget.

Collective decision to visit Turkey was a start of our series of planning. The very first step which we took was starting finding the cheapest airfare & luckily there was an online booking deal by Qatar Airways for a short period of time during the month of February 2017. We purchased 4 air tickets through our credit card at the cheapest rate of Pak Rupees: 44,300/- from Multan to Istanbul via Qatar. I must tell you every one that without going into details that how we will get Turkish visa and what are the requirements for visit visa we purchased the tickets just because of the cheapest rates at the world’s best Qatar airline.

Credit card ownership verification is a necessary requirement of Qatar Airways that if you made any online payment through credit card, you must visit their office along with your identity and credit card to verify that you are the -real purchaser. We also go through this process and verify our online ticket purchases.

Visit Visa fee for Turkey in May 2017 for Single Entry per person was Rs. 7,500/-. All valid documents required to be submitted at Gerry’s office & they were charging document processing fee of Rs. 2,500/-. Along with this we also paid an additional amount of Rs. 500/- for online filling of form by Gerry officials.

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We purchased EFU travelling insurance policy at a very cheap rate of Rs. 2,000/- per person. We did online reservation of Hotel Rooms in Istanbul and Antalya at Rs. 21,000/- for seven (7) days per person. Calculated transportation charges including Turkish domestic airline tickets and taxi charges for Rs. 20,000/- per person.

Regular meal calculation was Rs. 8,000/- and 10,000/- for the entertainment (Cursing, Boating, Rafting, Entrance Tickets at different places). Rs. 5,000/- were held for miscellaneous expenses. Kindly do not add the shopping expenses in your calculation because shopping has no limits and you can spend as much as you can and it will disturb all your calculations.

If you calculate all the expenses (44,300 + 7,500 + 2,500 + 500 + 2,000 + 20,000 + 8,000 + 10,000 + 5,000) at one place then the result will come as Rs. 99,800/-. It is under one hundred thousand (Rs. 100,000/-). These are real figures so you can travel to Turkey under Rs. 100,000/- from Pakistan. These were the cheapest rates we got during the year 2017.

If you have any better options to travel at cheapest rates then kindly share with all of us.

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