Sunday, September 30, 2018

Mall of Antalya Turkey Pictures by Syed Muhammad Nawaz Gilani

Here are few pictures took by Syed Muhammad Nawaz Gilani at Mall of Antalya in Turkey on 9th of July, 2017. You will see the Mall as well as selfies of Mr Gilani. Very cool and respected guy from Multan belongs to the Gilani family. During our trip to Turkey, this was the only Mall we visited thoroughly. It has everything like any other big Malls as it has branded shops, cinema hall, food court, play area.

Mall of Antalya Pictures from the camera of Mr Nawaz Gilani. You will see the front of the Mall from outside parking area which was very spacious. Pictures of Asad Bilal, Shahid Naseem and Ghulam Rabbani with Nawaz Gilani Sahab at Antalya Mall. Pictures from the fronts of different outlets local and international, standing outside the Cinetech Cinema Hall, different restaurants at the food court, supermarket, money changers, playing area or fun area for the children.

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When you will finish watching these selfies you can also play a video available at the last.

Nawaz Gilani and Asad Bilal at Mall of Antalya

Parking Area of Mall of Antalya

Watch the Video here:

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